We offer a discreet Professional Placement Service

We are dedicated to providing the professional and empathetic childcare families deserve and we have the care and expertise to guide you through every step of the way.

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She was loving, caring and very professional. We would fully recommend her agency for any person looking for some high quality care

Phoebe is warm, caring, responsible, honest and punctual. In addition, she is well educated and knowledgeable. She carried out all parental instructions with a perfection and precision which is very impressive. 

To summarise, Phoebe is the whole package - a high quality professional nanny who has the combination of knowledge, education and experience. I will not hesitate to recommend her agency anytime. 



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Our Founder Phoebe has been featured in Good To Know

Phoebe has been quoted and contributed to an article about "How to keep babies cool in hot weather" in Good To Know's online magazine.

Please see the article here: