Oakleaf's Guide to Getting a Nanny

What are the duties of the Nanny?

​There is an option for sole charge or shared care. Shared care would be if a parent was around too.

Duties will generally include all child related duties.

What care will the Sole Charge Nanny provide?

Nannies will get children up and ready for school, making sure that they have everything they need, and take them to the school or nursery and ensure they have a good drop off. They will maintain nursery and school relationships and good communication with the teachers and classroom assistance.

​Nannies will assist all school goers with homework and projects and help them stick to their schedule. They will also provide fun and interesting activities for inside and outside development play.

What care will Nanny's give for babies?

​Regular Nannies will care for a baby from 3 months of age. For anything younger we would suggest a maternity nurse type nanny.

For babies and toddlers the nanny will bottle feed, engage in activities for healthy development, wean, potty train and put down for naps.

​They will also organise for the babies and toddlers’ developmental activities and monitor development milestones and goals as your baby and toddler grows.

Will the Nanny Cook?

​Nannies will generally cook healthy and balanced meals if asked and clean up after the children have eaten. Some nannies can prepare and batch cook meals for your baby and child and will help to manage weaning and other things like allergies and fussy eating.

Will the Nanny do housework?

Nannies will be responsible for nursery duties, which is tidying and organising the nursery rooms and all toys as well as managing the replenishing of baby products and keeping bedrooms tidy and organised.

How will the nanny manage illnesses, or medical emergencies?

Nannies will make the bed and do laundry for the children and maintain good hygiene in the children’s areas of the home and make sure all children’s food and bathroom products do not run out!

Will the Nanny Babysit?

If needed Nannies will provide two nights of weekday babysitting per week.

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