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Who we support

Oakleaf Private Childcare endorces Compassion

We at Oakleaf Private Childcare endorse the Christian Charity Compassion.

They work in 25 developing countries partnering with local churches to provide access to education health care and social and spiritual development to the most vulnerable children in some of the poorest nations, irrespective of background. 

Compassion also provides sustained care for new mums and babies for pre-natal and post-natal care, including medical provisions and ensuring medical professional assistance is available.

These projects protect and support new mothers who without them may not survive. Compassion ensures that the children meet the One Year Milestone through these incredible projects.

We at Oakleaf Private Childcare donate 10% of all our profits to this cause.

If you would like to support their efforts independently, please follow this link

They provide incredible care to Children all over the world and we encourage others to be a part of this mission.