• Phoebe Davenport

Best Magazines and Newspapers for Children this summer

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Reading and writing is a wonderful way to loose oneself in a fantasy or to use our imaginations. Once this love of reading has been lit it is hard to extinguish. Our top picks for magazines and newspapers, available for children for some light reading which isn't online, we are sure will help your child with their reading journey!

  1. Lego Life is a wonderful free quarterly magazine for children aged 5-9. A fun, and interactive magazine with lots of stories and things to do.

  2. Lego Star Wars is an excellent magazine for children in year 3 and Year 4 with stories and things to do. Excellent for improving reading.

  3. First News is a newspaper for children aged 7-14. It is the bright and exciting leading newspaper for children.

  4. The Junior Week Magazine is a weekly vibrant and exciting newspaper perfect to ignite interest in a particular topic.

  5. Eco Kids Planet is a delightful educational magazine about Eco awareness and proactivity.

  6. Click is a fantastic magazine for children who are learning English.


7. BBC Newsround – This is an online resource which has been running for many years. Reporting on news stories and other exciting topics.

Please visit School Reading List's online resource for Magazines and Newspapers here for more options.

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