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How to support your child and to confidently navigate the ending of restrictions

With the lifting of restrictions we are now able to encourage and support our children’s socialising and spending time with their friends. We have five steps which will help you to navigate the ending of restrictions

The emotional benefits from socialising have been minimised over the last year so we at Oakleaf Private Childcare would like to share our small steps in building confidence and in cultivating a sense of security and safety.

1. Encourage your child’s interests.

With restrictions ending it is so important to encourage your child’s interest and support them in joining sports classes, clubs and activities.

There are many benefits from sports, which come through team work such as:

· Problem solving

· Communication and negotiation

· Listening

· Compromising and sharing ideas

· Self-esteem

· Working with others who are different from usual peer group

· Leadership

· Confidence

As well as the above sports, clubs and activities help children build relationships with peers, mentors, teachers and older children who can provide scaffold learning.

2. Help your child recognise their feelings and emotions

Acknowledge your child seems to be sad, or unhappy in a non judgmental way, something simple like “I see you are sad”. Ask them sensitively to reflect on why they might be feeling like this and to speak to you about it if they would like to.

This will help your child to process their emotions whilst equally showing that you acknowledge them and validate them.

We have written a post about supporting your child’s mind health here

3. Follow your child's lead

Let your child show you what they want to do. Child led parenting, let’s your child go at the pace they feel comfortable with and it helps your child to build confidence. Observation and listening to your child will help you to discover what your child needs and what they have grown out of.

4. Help your child to manage anxiety and stress.

We love Belly Breathing, Prayer and Meditation and practicing gratitude and gratitude journaling.

There are some lovely gratitude journals available which are perfect for creating goals and for helping build gratitude in your child such as journal by Easy Start Workbooks or this one called Positivity is my Superpower

Our guide on Breath work can be found here

5. Keeping everyone together and managing schedules

There are ways you can support your child in plans to get out and socialise and strategies to manage their schedule. There are many excellent homework scheduling Apps available for over twelves, our top three are:

· iStudiez Pro

· Satchel One (Show my homework)

· myHomework Student Planner

You can also use a family planner calendar. Which are perfect to let everyone know where they are supposed to be and what they are supposed to be doing. We love this one on Amazon. Rainbow Giant Academic Planner.

We have previously put together a wonderful set of tips to help children with their homework here

6. Keep safe always and follow restrictions and guidelines. Use hand sanitizer and face masks.

There are many more helpful educational Apps and guides available here on

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