• Phoebe Davenport

Lent activities for everyone

Lenten Activities are a precious thing and can be shared with your very littlest ones

We have put together our top three Lent activities for your toddlers and pre-schoolers.

1. Learning to Pray Lent is a great time to help your child learn to pray. By sharing with your child the act of prayer and creating this ritual in your day you will create the building blocks to a life of prayer and love for God. 2. Being Honest This can be hard to do for us all as many of us tell white lies, but this is a great time to start trying stop those little fibs we tell others. Practicing being honest is a great way to share the light of Jesus with our neighbours, friends, family, and all who come and go in our lives.

3. Read the Bible together A lovely thing to do in the evening for down time before bed. Reading the Bible together is a lovely way to share in the joy of the Holy Scriptures and this wonderful time of year. The Gospels is a good place to start. ... And if you haven't already, give up something Let your child choose something if they want to. Chocolate, sweets, a cartoon, favourite crisps or cake.

It is important for your child to choose something they will miss and to use the act of prayer to replace this missing activity or thing.

Remember to encourage your child to use the act of prayer more in this time to replace the thing they have given up.

We hope you enjoy this time of charity, prayer and abstinance as Easter approaches.

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