• Phoebe Davenport

Our Baby Travel Essentials this Summer

It is summer and time for a holiday after quite a difficult year. We at Oakleaf Private Childcare have put together our packing essentials for your baby, whether you are a first time parent or an expert, so you can relax and enjoy your summer holidays.

  • A baby carrier- whether it is a sling or backpack, this will make travelling so much easier. It also gives your baby the chance to see what you are seeing and enjoy their surroundings too!

  • A small blanket - for those sudden naps in out places of interest.

  • As many bottles as you need for 24 hours (around 8), plus one or two spares

  • Freshly boiled water in vacuum flask

  • Formula

  • Nappies of every kind you need

  • Baby wipes (we love these water wipes which have no hidden ingrediants and are completely natural)

  • Changing mat

  • Disinfectant wipes

  • Your choice of breast pump

  • Breast Milk cooler bag

  • Toys, books and things to keep them entertained

  • Extra clothes in case of an accident

  • Bibs, muslin cloths and bib clips

  • Nappy rash cream

  • Plastic bags for carrying out dirty nappies or soiled clothing items. You can also use a bin liner but these may rip when you move them around too much.

  • Mosquito net for buggy, cot or car seat

  • Beach tent

  • Sun cream

  • Baby Sunglasses

  • Baby Hat

  • Baby Monitor and App

  • Baby plate, spoon and cup

  • Baby Food

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