• Phoebe Davenport

Our easy to follow steps for setting boundaries with your child and toddler this summer

These three steps are excellent for setting boundaries with your child, they are so easy to follow and will help you maintain good boundaries this summer holidays!

These steps can be used with all age groups and are excellent for establishing and holding boundaries with your toddler.

1. Acknowledgment and Empathy

Acknowledge and empathise. If you have asked your child to do something and they refuse. Try saying to your child that you understand that they don't want to. Is what you have asked them to do causing them big feelings? Acknowledge that you see that and that you understand.

2. Make it fun

Add humour with playfulness to lighten the mood. Being playful and using humour in this situation can help you bond with your child in this moment. Do whatever feels natural but it helps to be self deprecating and to add a bit of levity.

3. Follow up

You can now follow up with what you have said with action. For example if your child is watching their favourite show you can encourage their good behaviour by suggesting other things to do and can introduce a distraction. Follow through with what you have said by turning off the show for example.

For toddlers with big feelings it's best to pick your moments to hold boundaries!

These steps and more are inspired by expert Dr Becky who is a Child psychologist. She has lot's of amazing resources on her website here and posts regular content on her Instagram here

Dr Becki has some amazing workshops for deep feeling children and anxiety and worry in kids here

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