• Phoebe Davenport

Our eight top ideas for creating a space your baby will love

Creative and fun ways to brighten up your baby's bedroom

1. Fresh and sweet, woodland or jungle theme with Giraffe or Pola Bear, with soft earthy pastel colours, gives a lovely fresh feel

2. Vibrant bursts of primary colour can be used in a baby's room for either boys or girls and creates a lovely and bright decorative theme.

3. Calming and modern, soft greys and yellows are a very understated alternative to the default colour palette, add some fun with playful animal pictures

4. Keep it very simple and stylish with a nautical theme with navies, blues and red. You can also add lovely touches with traditional toy boats and sailing motifs and images

5. Gentle and dreamy, space motifs can work wonder into a calming cream and grey room

6. Fun and imaginative, fabric pieces such as bunting and a bed tipi or tent, can add a little playfulness and theatre to a child's bedroom

8. Simple and stylish, shapes such as triangles and stripes can be used to create a fun and temporary decorative style with stick on wall details

Visit Good Housekeeping here for more decorative ideas for your baby's bedroom

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