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Oakleaf Private Childcare's favourite eleven activities to do as a family

With school term beginning we at Oakleaf Private Childcare thought it would be a good idea to think of fun ways to bond as a family. From going out together for dinner to having an at home movie with all the trimmings, we are sure you will enjoy our list of fun things to do!

1. Have a sibling sleep over and make S'mores.

This is such a fun a simple way to bond as a family and we would recommend making toasted S'mores for the evening. BBC Good food have the perfect recipe here

And there are some fireside games you can play such as two truths and a lie, I went to market, telephone and many more! Find the perfect list and how to play them here

2. Bake something amazing or cook something together.

You can choose something that you wouldn't normally make like homemade pasta or keep it simple by making your own Pizza's. Baking something yummy to share with everyone is such a lovely way to bond and you can learn new recipe's and improve your cooking skills in the process! Bake a cake, pasta or an entire meal from another country that you would like to try!

3. Sitting room disco party.

Everyone loves to listen to music so turn on some special lights and put your favourite songs on! Disney has the perfect track list for littler ones.

4. Movie nights with all the trimmings.

Pick a movie for the entire family and make sure to prepare any Corn Dogs, Fries, Nacho's, Pop Corn and Ice Cream! It is impossible to go wrong.

5. Treasure hunts with tricky clues.

This can be such a fun one to do with your little ones and will help them navigate their surroundings and explore whilst building gross motor skills and their problem-solving skills. Write each clue on a piece of paper and hide it ending with a grand prize!

6. Get outside!

Take the whole family on a bike ride or on a long walking adventure in the woods! There are so many beautiful places to explore. Make sure to take basic Frist Aid and lots of snacks and water.

7. Each take turns to have a “Yes” day.

This is a fantastic way to give each other a bit of special attention and will help you bond and get to know each other better whilst also help your children to learn how to listen and be kind to others!

8. Decorate the table for a special meal.

Pick a theme and make the family dinner a special occasion. You can decorate with flowers, placemats, name cards, and a little note to each person and have a meal where you sit and enjoy each other’s company, you can finish by playing some fun role-playing games or telling stories!

9. Have a Family Games night!

Get the snack and drinks ready and all your favourite board games! We love Uno and junior scrabble is great for helping your children with spelling and their vocabulary! Classic card games are also a great way to improve counting and basic math skills!

10. Create family rituals!

Everyone after school on a Wednesday could meet for a Hot Chocolate and for Pizza and Spaghetti and Meat Balls after their extra-curricular activity! It is so nice just to take some time out to bond over a hot or cold drink and some after school snacks in your favourite coffee place or restaurant and to have a regular family ritual eating out together. At the end of the meal give your child the money to pay for their meal or snack! This is a great way to help them build confidence and gives them a feeling of responsibility.

11. Religious or Spiritual Study and prayer.

This is such a fun one to do together. Share your favourite Bible stories with your children and pray together for each other as a family. There are lot's of amazing resources online. Check out these Best Sellers on Amazon here for age appropriate for Bible stories

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