• Phoebe Davenport

Our six favourite baby development games to play

Keeping your baby busy and engaged in activities is so important whilst they are very young and developing so quickly. There are many clubs and classes that you can go to such as swimming, music and singing classes, as well as baby sensory groups and soft play.

We at Oakleaf Private Childcare have created a list of fun things to play at home or in the garden if you have any spare time to fill. We hope that you enjoy all the games and fun learning activities with your baby!

1. Water splash games

This is such a lovely one to play with your child outside in the summer (or inside, just be careful to watch them at all times and use a splat mat like this one from Amazon).

Your baby can play with spoons and utensils in the bowl and cups and other things. Or outside in the garden in the paddling pool. Your child will absolutely love water play and this will help them to develop their fine motor skills and give them the opportunity for sensory play too.

2. Peekaboo

This is such a fun game and will give your child the giggles. This is such a great game to play and you can encourage your child to play along. This will help their social skills, listening skills, observation skills and build their confidence. Peekaboo is good to play with babies so they can learn that things that they cannot see still exist. You can play anywhere and it is fun to explore new places, rooms, hallways or the staircase landing whilst playing.

3. Memory games

This is fun for slightly older children of around three years old. You can gather together small toys and random objects and put them under a blanket and ask your child to remember what objects are underneath. There are so many different objects you can use such as a plastic tea cup, a doll, a ball, a hat, a book, a soft toy such as a bear, and normal everyday objects such as the TV remote, or a clock.

4. Sensory games

There are many sensory activities which will help your child’s development. A fun one to play is to put lots of different tactile objects in a fabric bag and play guess the object. You can use dinosaur models, fluffy toys, silk scarves, feathers, a tennis ball, and more interesting objects like a Spanish fan or a souvenir from a trip abroad

5. Singing and rhyming games

There are so many games to play which involve singing and acting at the same time. Such as “Zoom zoom zoom we’re going to the moon.” Or “Sleeping bunnies/lions”

Both will get your child listening, interacting, using their verbal skills and up and moving. These will also help your child develop their social skills if played together in a group.

6. Dance Party

This is a great way to get up and start moving as well as listen to some new and interesting music and songs like Disney’s collection or listening to the Moana soundtrack. Put on some music and dance around your living room with your baby or child. It can be sometimes fun to use a bubble machine as well (like this one). This will certainly get you both up and you will improve their gross moto development if you encourage them to dance with you.

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