• Phoebe Davenport

Our top five picks for under five's screen time safety

Our little ones spend so much time on screens, learning, playing and watching their favourite Pepper Pig episodes and seem to know how to use technology better than most adults. It is so important we help them to stay safe when online and avoid content that is not appropriate. Our top picks are sourced from Get Safe Online, a great site which offers a deep dive into all kinds of screen safety for your family.

1. Set up the parental controls, pins, passwords and be careful when letting your little ones play with your phone - even if your little one is still tiny they can still access all sorts of content which might not be good for them to see

2. Set Parental controls to the appropriate age on all of your devices- this means every device can be secure

3. Buy or download specialist parental control software - great if you want to be more specific about the content your child can access

4. Buy or download Apps which have age ratings on them. Age ratings are a great way to monitor what your child will be able to view.

5. Share your technology rules with grandparents and carers, this will help your child stay safe online wherever they are!


Please visit for tips and tricks on all aspects of screen time safety and visit our useful links page here for advice on the best Educational Apps

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