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Our top ten tips to enhance Mum's wellness

Mums you are often at the centre of a lot of different things, from taking care of your child, to running a household. It's not always easy for you to find time to relax and take time for self care. That is why we at Oakleaf Private Childcare have created this list with some, what we hope are helpful tips, that will inspire your wellness routine. From relaxing baths to special treats in the kitchen, we think that these ten tips will be great for any mum looking to feel better and more relaxed.

Tip One: Have a luxurious bath

Get into the Bathroom and relax with a hot soak It can be difficult to find time for yourself when you're juggling so much, but that doesn't mean it's impossible. A hot bath is one of the easiest ways to de-stress after a long day or week. Use some lovely relaxing bath salts and foaming bath and light a candle or two for a luxurious soak.

Tip Two: Take some me time

Find a comfortable chair and take time for yourself. Sometimes it's not about getting away from the kids, but taking time for yourself. There are days when you're feeling like your head is spinning or that there's just too much to do. Giving yourself permission to take some downtime can help reduce this type of stress.

Tip Three: Bake Cookies or Something Else That Can Be Shared

Baking cookies is a great way to get some time in the kitchen and take care of yourself. Not only do you get the satisfaction of creating something delicious, but it can also be shared with family members who might need your TLC. Annabel Karmel and Deliciously Ella have some amazing healthy recipes to try using healthy fresh ingredients.

Tip Four: Create a 'Me' Time Routine

Create an hour or two in your day just for you. Keep it simple, and put the focus on what brings you joy - whether that's yoga, reading a book, watching TV, taking care of yourself (like getting ready in the morning), meditating or anything else!

Tip Five: Get active

Exercise is so important for giving you good feeling endorphins and will keep you healthy, fit and strong.

Tip Six: Get out and about

Take a walk, explore your local neighbourhood or go for a bike ride. Try something new! Once you've done that, try walking every day to work - as this is great exercise and will help with anxiety too.

Tip Seven: Eat a healthy diet

Fuel up on whole foods such as vegetables, fruits, wholegrains, good fats like avocado, salmon and nuts and seeds, and dark chocolate. Joe Wicks has some excellent recipes for kids and adults and Gousto has some ready to make boxes so you won't need to spend hours in the supermarket.

Tip Eight: Get enough sleep

You need around eight hours of decent quality sleep per night to feel refreshed and energetic. If you're feeling sleepy in the morning then it's good idea to have a nap at lunchtime or put your head down for ten minutes before bed.

Tip Nine: Seek out support from others

Join a local group of parents in your area or online to make new friendships and talk about issues.

Tip Ten: Find a hobby you enjoy

You can even find support groups on the internet for hobbies such as photography, gardening, calligraphy, learning to play an instrument, or arts and crafts. You'll be amazed at how relaxing it is just watering your hydrangeas in the garden.

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