• Phoebe Davenport

Out favourite Seven Apps for Neurodiverise learning

Thre are some lovely Apps out to help your child reach important goals and improve their development. We have picked our favourite Seven Apps which we hope will help both you and your child.

1. Habitica

Is a great App for setting goals and forming good habits and completing small disciplines. Download here


LAMP is a multi channel communication skills learning App. This amazing App helps the user to express themselves by combining picture symbols as well as video and voice recording. They use a system which helps build communication skills overtime which specifically helps those with Autism and other development differences. Download here

3. Grace

Grace uses pictures to enable communication. Grace helps the user to creat short sentences to express needs. Grace is also amazingly helpful for those with Autism. Download here

4. Pictello

This is a wonderful App for communication using pictures and also has visual scheduling, talking, voice recording and video. IOS only download here

5. Keeble

This App exchanges the basic keyboard to a more easy to understand version. Great for those with Fine-motor challenges. IOS only download here

6. Injini

This App has a collection of games which are excellent for learning devopment. This App will help build your child's fine-motor skills, spatial awareness, memory, language skills and observation skills. IOS only Download here

7. Moshi Sleep App

Moshi uses bedtime claiming music and stories to help your little one drift off to sleep. Download here.

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