• Phoebe Davenport

Preparing your child for the School Year: Emotional and Practical Tips to Help Your Child Transition

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

The back-to-school season can be both exciting and emotional for children. With these practical tips on how to prepare them for the new year ahead you will be able to navigate securely.

1. Start you routines a week before so your child can get accustomed to the schedule.

2. Prepare your child's school bag, pencil case and their stationary and make sure they know what they have

3. Let them know what is in their lunch, or snack on the morning of their first day

4. Make sure they up to date on all their reading and projects and talk through their week at school ahead of time

5. Talk to your child about any concerns they may have and listen to them.

6. Make sure your child has a mask and hand jell for their return to the classroom (for Scotland)

7. Join up your child to extra curricular activities, such as the library, music lessons, or the swimming or football club

8. Let your child know what is going at school when it comes to events or assemblies.

9. Make sure they're not missing out of any essentials like their clothes or shoes!

10. Name tag their belonging so they don't get lost!

11. Talk about their hopes and goals for the year ahead and share your hopes and dreams for them, you could say something like "I hope that you really enjoy this term and learn lot's of new amazing things."

12. Don't put pressure on your self and seek help if you need it!

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