• Phoebe Davenport

Choose Rosie and The Unicorn for the perfect short story for inclusivity and a little bit of magic

Rosie and the Unicorn by S J Penni and Maddie S J was jointly written by a mother and daughter duo during the Covid 19 Pandemic Lockdown, in the UK. Sally who is a Barrister and hosts a Podcast called talking Law and Maddie S-J who is 6 decided to write Rosie and the Unicorn "after the sudden changes to their routine started becoming hard to handle" It is a wonderful story of a little bit of magic and inclusivity, diversity and the community.

At a seven minute read it is the perfect short story book for any moment of down time or a lovely story before bed for happy dreams.

"Love is love.

Love is universal.

Love is beautiful.

Love in is unconditional.

Love is warmth.

Love is non-discriminatory.

Love is powerful.

Love is celebrated."

Rosie and the Unicorn by S J Penni and Maddie S-J

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